General Race Information

The This is a CSA sanctioned event and as such will be run according to the rules and regulations of Cycling SA and the UCI.


1.  Male Team

2.  Female Team

3.  Mixed Team

4.  Solo Male

5.  Solo Female

Team members are to ride together at all times, and need to finish the race within 2 minutes of each other.  A 30 minute penalty will be enforced should teams adhere to this.  The race time is awarded once the last member of the team crosses the finish line.  

In Case of Emergency:

Please make sure that your cellphone is fully charged and you take your cellphone with you.

Should your partner, or another rider require assistance, please contact the emergency number which is displayed on your race number board (081 873 4671).
Please do not leave the rider until you have confirmed help is on the way.

Hydration and Nutrition:

Riders are responsible for their own hydration and nutrition.

There will be water points along the route, which will be supplied with water and nutrition

Basic snacks will be provided

The location of the water points will be displayed on maps at registration and advised at the race briefing.


If rider’s partner drops out, the rider may continue as a solo rider and will receive a solo time which does not form part of the results and is given solely for the rider’s benefit

A solo rider may ride with another team but at no stage may take the lead unless overtaking with the aim of not continuing together with that team

If a rider or team does not complete a stage, they will be given a DNF for that stage only and may continue with the next stage. The team will be awarded a time and podium position if applicable for that stage. They may not receive an overall position

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